Hey, we are The Lone Drifters

Hey welcome to The Lone Drifters

Where we aim to introduce you to adventure travel and unique experiences in an approachable way. With comprehensive guides, we hope to not only inspire, but also help you plan your next custom adventure trip.

Our style of travel is often individual, sometimes we book something well in advance, sometimes we go out on spec. It depends on the destination, the season and the activity. Although we used to backpack a lot, i.e. carry a backpack, we still do, like last year in South Korea. But we also like to take road trips, sleep in more luxurious hotels or go on treks where again we go lightly packed.

About Evelyn

Hi, I’m Evelyn (Evey). Not having grown up traveling and in a family where there was no money for vacations, I decided to go backpacking with a friend in 2007. After this first long and far trip, I was – how cliche – infected by the travel bug.

Today, I travel almost monthly and share my experiences on Lone Drifters. Equipped with my Sony camera, I capture the most beautiful places. Often I go out spontaneously and let the destination surprise me. This way I discover the most beautiful, sometimes hidden places and experience the destination as it is!

On a world trip

To keep my friends and family informed about this distant journey (which, by the way, went beyond Asia), I wrote travel stories on the travel blog/forum platform aroundtheglobe.co.uk.

Family and friends kept sending messages where my travel stories went. After this trip, I wrote on a blog about my travels that I took between working full-time. Besides traveling, I also shared more and more about the sports I did while traveling: from rafting to mountain biking, surfing and snowboarding. And the blog became more and more of a travel and sports platform.

2 years after my first faraway trip, I met my current boyfriend, Luciano. Pretty soon we knew that we also wanted to take a world trip together and I decided to rebrand my blog Style Spy to Lone Drifters. I then transferred all blog posts from old blogs to Lonedrifters.nl and started sharing stories from our world trip. Once back in the Netherlands, Luciano went back to work full-time and I part-time on this travel blog. But traveling kept itching. And I made this out of control hobby my job in 2022, inspiring/helping more than 700,000+ (adventurous) travelers in 2023.

Conscious travel

Because we also think sustainable travel is very important, we try to encourage you to make that sustainable choice during your booking.

But we may also sometimes encourage something that is not necessarily sustainable. We are not perfect either. We also find it challenging to combine practicality with sustainability.

Consider a Booking.com. Useful, but a little less favorable for local hotels than booking through the owner’s local website. Sometimes it is not even possible to book through another tool. And sometimes we want to book something but still be flexible, we find the cancellation policy very convenient then.

It is up to you how and what you book of course, but we do try to give you as complete a picture as possible. We only recommend products and services that we have tried ourselves or carefully researched.

Satisfied with the content?

On lonedrifters you will also come across ads. Maybe you don’t like that or very unfortunate. But, thanks to this advertising revenue we can maintain the website and provide you with free information. And that doesn’t cost you a penny more. Win-win right?

We create free content that will hopefully inspire you to spend more time outdoors! Want to support our free guides, tips etc even more? Then you can donate us a cup of coffee or make a booking through one of our website links. When you make a purchase through one of these links, we may receive a commission at no extra cost to you.

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