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About Evelyn

Hi, I’m Evelyn, the face behind The Lone Drifters. I started this blog while studying Computer-Mediated Communication at the University of Groningen to share my tips about travel and sports. I continued to do so and currently, I am working part-time on this blog and part-time employed.

Dream? Traveling full-time and helping locals and travelers with that.

I have lived in the north of the Netherlands all my life. Trying out new sports is my biggest hobby, next to this blog that got out of hand. I do everything myself on this blog: from photography to site management, CSS, UX, and data analysis.

I’m a little good at everything and I don’t necessarily excel in a certain sport or job package.

Latest obsession? Long hikes and bouldering.

Best trip of 2021? Certainly our trip to South Tyrol, partly in collaboration with Visit South Tyrol.

About Luciano

Is the man behind the camera, but also often the silhouette on many photos. Has been a regular part of The Lone Drifters since the trip around the world (hence the plural in the name).

In addition to this blog, works as an Android software developer and does volunteer work for Kenya, and wrote about it on Lone Drifters. Crazy about climbing and downhill longboarding.

Best experience of 2021? The Trail des 600 Boitheux.


When did you start this blog?

In 2007 Evelyn blogged about her first world trip under aroundtheglobe.nl, a forum for travelers. In 2011, she started her own blog on stylespy.nl about travel and board sports. On press trips, she was often asked if she was a fashion blogger and that made me want to get rid of the name Style Spy. When we went on a world trip, I thought it was a good time to continue the travel blog under a different domain name that fits the adventure travel and outdoor activities.

Why Lone Drifters?

I was looking for a word that meant travel but didn’t want ‘travel’ in my name. On Urban Dictionary I searched for synonyms for travel. Then I came across the word drifting, which is also used in longboarding and other boardsports. Lone was a bit like the way we travel and that’s how Lone Drifters was born.

Which camera do you use?

We started with a Nikon D5100 and until today, we shoot our photos with a D610, Sony A6000, and our mobile phones. Also take a look at our camera bag: our photography equipment.

How do you edit your photos? Do you use filters?

Evey edits all photos, she does that with the program Adobe Lightroom on desktop and via the free Lightroom app on the phone.

How is it possible that you travel so much?

Before our trip around the world, we both worked in an IT company and we saved up for our trip around the world. When we both had €25,000, we got rid of a lot of stuff, stored some of it with the parents, left our rented house, and went traveling for a year. While traveling we made some extra money with affiliate marketing and sponsored articles and freelance work. Nowadays, we also earn enough money with blogs and Instagram.

Are you guys full-time bloggers?

No, Evelyn works part-time as a functional manager/coordinator of a ‘scrum’ team and part-time as a travel blogger. Luciano is a full-time software developer.

What was the route of your world trip?

You can find our route here (Dutch).

Let’s (s)talk:

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