On the bucketlist: Heli boarding

In America and Canada, heli boarding is quite hot for a few years. Step in the Helicopter, fly to a streak-free location (unridden snow! Ahhh). For those who have never heard of it before heli-skiing is downhill skiing or snowboarding (mostly) in the untouched snow, on remote mountainsides, far away from the groomed slopes of a ski resort. The difference between heli boarding/skiing is that skiers and snowboarders are flown by helicopter to the top of the remote slopes. This way you can reach greater heights and see the most beautiful places our earth has to offer!

You need something more than your Board, warm jacket and sunglasses. What you need is “freeride equipment” which will include an avalanche transceiver, a shovel and a probe. Obviously, you also need to have some off-piste experience and have a tight snowboard control (ok Evey, dream on …). You should not be afraid to bump into trees or something. Anduhh a good condition is also not a luxury! Slopes of <35 degrees should moreover not be a problem.

And now we Dutch girsl can! As we are given the opportunity to book a flight to Canada with Chicky clinics every year in januari. Yes, dreams do come true! But ugh, because I’m not good enough to participate, Boohoo!


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