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Boardchick of Januari: Lisa Peters

First I want to wish you all a Happy New Year! Hope you had a blast !!

And of course I also have some new boardchick features for you in 2014. This month, Lisa Peters (17) from Almere is the BoardChick of January. Lisa snowboards, surfs and likes longboarding. She started longboarding because the Netherlands isn’t exactly a snowboard country. Today, her longboard is her daily transportation. Lisa would love to teach snowboarding once. Let’s look into Lisa’s life, meet Lisa Peters!

The first time …

I’ve always skied, and in 2010 I wanted something new, so when I started snowboarding at my 14th. Before I do have a little skateboarded, but not really fanatic. And I do now about half a year to longboarding.

Lisa Peters longboarder

I practice …

Anyhow I longboard every week, even every day in the summer, because then I grab my longboard towards school. When it rains or there is sprinkled, but I prefer to pack my bike. I hope every year one or two weeks to skiing, but this season not quite sure. Well I spent a week last summer to southern France to surf! Really super cool was that! So hopefully next summer!

The hardest to longboarding, I think …

In longboarding I’d like to go snowboarding downhill, but I think it sliding still difficult. I am now busy rehearsing with stand-ups, but may I still here to work!

Lisa Peters indo boarding

The nicest thing about boardsports I find …
Snowboarding, I think the environment is often very beautiful, and the fun park I find really great to be riding in. But also simply quickly without too much thinking about it to pop off the mountain !! In the case of longboarding I find the speed and dancinghet most, that looks so dainty!

What I would like to learn …

I really want to learn to surf good! So maybe I’ll just have to live by the sea, I live in Almere. Also I really want once off piste snowboarding. And by that I mean not that I want to deviate 4 meters from the slopes, but really packs a mountain where no one has been! I find this a little adrenaline fun! And as for longboarding: next year I want to Wallon Hill, and once driving a real downhill session, so I keep good exercise!

That’s awesome, you’ll also see my friend there;-)
His further events where you’ve been there?

Yes, last summer a week Mimizan with Surf Life! That was really fun! The board chicks surf festival in Scheveningen course. And there are probably still meer.Mijn dream destination for snowboarding …
Since I have a whole list! But at the top of this list anyway off piste riding in the Rocky Mountains in Canada! That seems really, really cool! Even after the surf film North of the Sun had seen, I actually really want to check out the North Cape to go there surfing in the cold! And then go on to enjoy the northern lights!

Wow, I did not know yet, good tip!
What would you advise novice board chicks continue?
Many enjoy snowboarding’s totally chill and you have to enjoy. Furthermore, just a lot of practice, you learn it automatically. Everyone starts as a rookie! And watch videos helps a lot, I mostly non-stop fat snowboard or longboard movies where they show the best tricks!

Lisa Peters snowboard nay must have been …
A must have is that you should be a little tough, and action must take. The world will not end if your nail is broken and abrasions show actually see that you really do your best and
To learn something! Furthermore, you can continue and if it fails again you should enjoy it.

Tell me about it;-) And finally, you have your own boards I have a Nitro Cheryl Maas 149 snowboard, a pro model snowboard star Cheryl Maas?. Truly a delicious board for mostly park riding. Furthermore, a Vandal Rayne longboard (borrowed deck of someone) really nice freeride / downhill board! And finally a Riviera Great Waveflex longboard, I use it primarily as a cruiserweight but where you can still dance to some extent!

Lisa Peters surfing pink surfboard
Sounds like some amazing stuff you got there!

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