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Norway is in my top 5 of most beautiful countries when it comes to nature. This year I only visited the country for the first time, but it certainly tastes like more. In terms of activities, Norway is a special country in Europe. You can spot special wildlife such as bears and musk oxen, and take beautiful walks along fjords, mountain tops or explore the fjords by boat. In this blog post, I share a number of special activities that you can undertake in Norway.

Wave surfing in Norway

Not the first thing you think of, but you can definitely go surfing in Norway. For example, the Norwegian peninsula Stadlandet offers good surfing conditions. This kilometer-long sandy beach is located at Hoddevik in Fjord Norway and is Norway’s best surfing spot according to the Dutch Salt Magazine. In the water, you are surrounded by a beautiful valley and mountain landscape.

The Lofoten is also a wonderful surfing destination. Because it is northern, the water is cold and the beaches are covered with snow in the winter. Introduce yourself in the line-up with white beaches and the rough 1000 meter high mountains in the background. You can read more about surfing in Norway on the VisitNorway website. More about ice-cold surfing? Then also read our experience of surfing in Iceland.

Search the musk ox

Look for the last herd of wild musk oxen in the Dovrefjell National Park. Muskoxen live in groups on the open tundra plains of northern Siberia, Greenland, Canada, Alaska and also Norway. Muskoxen are arctic animals and are mainly found in cold areas but have been reintroduced in certain northern areas such as Russia, Alaska, Spitsbergen and the Dovrefjell National Park in Norway. This Dovrefjell National Park is, therefore, one of the few places in the world where the musk ox still lives in the wild.

You must see these impressive animals once in your life and an excursion to the habitat of this ox is one of the most beautiful safaris in Norway that you can make.

Prefer spotting elks? Then take a moose safari in the forest areas around Oppdal. With an experienced guide, chances are that you will see them in the wild.

Take a trip through the fjords

A trip through the fjords should also be part of your trip through Norway. In a super-fast boat you can sail for example through the world-famous Geirangerfjord, with the impressive mountains covered with eternal snow and waterfalls surrounded by green forests. During the excursion, you can admire the famous Seven Sisters (Syv Søstrene) waterfalls!

In Norway, there are also plenty of hikes you can take around the fjords for the best view of the fjords. The views almost literally take your breath away. We walked the famous Preikestolen ourselves, a great walk for the novice hiker to a cliff that towers 605 meters above the Lysefjord in Norway

Twee mensen bovenop Trolltunga

The well-known Trolltunga and Besseggen hike, two difficult walks, are definitely worth the effort if you want the best views of fjords and lakes. The Besseggen hike runs across the ridge between the fjords, with one lake coloring another blue color. The Trolltunga, or troll tung, is one of the most famous rock formations in Norway. You probably know the image: a person stands alone on an overhanging rock formation with the imposing fjords in the background.

Drive the most beautiful train route in the world: the Flåmsbana

Flåmsbana is seen as one of the most beautiful train routes in the world. Although it is a popular attraction, the ride is one of the nicest train rides I have ever made (alongside the one that goes to Machu Picchu Peru). The ride is also one of the steepest train routes, taking you within one hour from the town of Flåm in the Sognefjord through the high mountains to the beautiful Myrdal. The nature along the track is so beautiful that we decided to rent a mountain bike after the train ride and cycle back. You drive and/or cycle along steep rock faces, mountains, waterfalls, and deep green valleys. Of course, you can also walk the route back.

Mountainbiker in Noorwegen

Excursion with Voigt Travel

The aforementioned special excursion (except surfing) is offered by, among others, the travel agency Voigt Travel. For example, you can book an organized tour to Norway or drive to Norway yourself and book individual excursions. Voigt Travel offers unique activities organized by local, small-scale companies. You thereby also contribute to the local community, in addition to having a special experience.

You can book these excursions in advance via Voigt Travel. You are then always assured of a place and you do not have to arrange anything on the spot. Rather have another tour company that’s internationally known? We have great experiences with Get Your Guide.

This article has been made possible by the Dutch Voigt Travel

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