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The ultimate trail running packing list: what to bring with you 

You may be thinking: why a packing list for trailrunning? Trailrunning is different from running on paved roads for many reasons. Sometimes you run through mud, then you plow through bushes, and sometimes it rains while hours later it’s dark and warm. You guessed it: trail running requires a special packing list. In this guide to trail running gear, Luciano shares his essential trail running packing list. What is indispensable, what absolutely goes in his bag and what shouldn’t you bring? 

There are so many different types of terrain to trailrun on. That makes trail running super fun, but definitely challenging. One minute you can be running on a nice smooth trail. But that nice path can turn into a rocky trail in no time and with mud it can even get very slippery. So reason to be well prepared for your trail run. 

Packing list trail running

  • Trail running shoes
  • Running watches with GPS and a heart rate monitor
  • Drinking backpacks / Race vests for running
  • Running sunglasses
  • Running cap/headband
  • Running flashlight
  • Trail running poles
  • An emergency whistle (check your backpack first to make sure it’s not already included as standard)
  • Trailrunk clothing 
    • Trail run shirt
    • Waterproof running jacket (this is also often required for larger and longer races
    • Trailrunning shorts
    • Trail running shorts, pants or leggings
    • Trailrunning running socks
    • Running gloves
    • Running food for the road (such as gels)
    • First aid kit
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