Kullamannen: A trail run along rocky shores

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In the mysterious landscape of coastal Sweden, an exceptional trail run awaits adventurous runners. The Kullamannen trail offers participants a unique running experience And you are participating in a UTMB World Series event, which means you are saving points for your UTMB registration.

The legend

No one knows where and when the stories of the Kullamannen originated, but one source is the battle of Svolder near Öresund in September in the year 999. Where Norwegian King Olav Tryggvasson threw himself into the water after a long battle and he did not grant his opponent his death. Whether King Olav survived is unclear. Either he died in the waves of Öresund or he survived and climbed out of the water on the rocky shores of Kullaberg.

In 1220, the historian Saxo Grammaticus writes that Kullamannen had the power to send ships to their doom by the challenging passage through Kullaberg. Here the two great seas Östersjön and Kattegatt meet. Kullamannen also decides who should fall off the steep cliffs and who should be spared.

Kullamannen trail run

The Kullamannen is a challenging trail run through the enchanting Bjäre and Kullaberg peninsulas on the southern Swedish coast. The event offers various distances from 22 km to 100 miles, with routes along rocky mountains, beech forests and coastal trails.

100 km

As we mentioned, the distances range from 22 km to 100 miles. I decided to run the 100 kilometers, so my experience is focused on this particular trail run.

The start of both the 100 kilometers trail and the 100 miles takes place in the charming town of Höganäs. I found the start to be a spectacular one, with lots of fire and a Viking riding a horse (probably a Kullaman). After a short flat 11 km in the dark, you head out into the night on your way to the mythical Mount Kullaberg. The trail takes you on small singletracks through quaint fishing villages and the beautiful Scania Trail. But since most of it is at night, you’ll have to make do mostly with the sound of the sea and the short distance you can see with your headlamp. During this trip you pass no less than ten nature reserves.

One of my personal highlights of Kullamannen is the non-massive atmosphere of the event. You often walk a long distance by yourself, surrounded by the peaceful nature. The sound of the wind and the silence of the surroundings is a perfect backdrop for an unforgettable running adventure. The trail has relatively few elevation gain except for the last loop where Kullaberg must be climbed.

Furthermore, runners should keep in mind that the distances between stops are quite long ( – 28km). And sometimes only provide the runners with drinks. So you are very dependent on your own supplies. There are only 1000 altimeters, but some parts of the course can be technical, however, making it a challenging route that requires skill and perseverance.

Despite these points and the tough ending, it is definitely a recommended trail run for those looking for a special running adventure and UTMB points. For adventurous runners, Kullamannen is definitely worth considering!

Practical Tips

The small village of Mölle, where the 100 kilometers ends, may offer parking challenges and is a small village. We stayed overnight in accommodation in Helsingborg, a small town near Mölle. Staykvick Boutique Hostel, where we stayed overnight has small affordable rooms with shared bathrooms. The nice thing is that there were other runners staying overnight that we could chat with. From Helsingborg we drove by car to Mölle. Here I was dropped off and my friend drove home again to meet me along the route the next day. Accommodations near the or on the route are also shared on UTMB’ s website or you can look here for accommodations in Helsingborg.

On Instagram, we shared a few short stories about the Kullamannen in an Instagram Highlight.

Packing list Luciano’s 100 kilometers in Sweden (Kullamannen)

This article is based on personal experience and the situation may have changed since writing this article. It isalways advisable to check the official Kullamannen website for current information and updates.

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